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MBI Worldwide, an idea from 1983, and born in 2010 as an independent Spanish company. Nevertheless, we have to pay homage to the former multidisciplinary Senegalese consultancy B.A. BIODIVERSITÉ born as an idea in Bambylor (Dakar) in 1993, where part of our members has grown as professionals. 

Its purpose has been to collect and exploit the expertise of its founding members and partners, to promote technology transfer, economic growth and social-economical added value and to provide know how, engineering skills, consulting, and implementation and monitoring of projects at local and international levels.     
MbI current network consists of 40 partners over the world from different nationalities with interest and expertise in various clusters (water, environment and energies, Training of Trainers, agriculture and fishing, automotive, engineering, architecture, Eco-tourism) to manage various projects in collaboration with other companies. Where water is used, so there is MbI: to provide know-how and technologies to preserve the Environment.

As result of over thirty years of continuous efforts and sustainable development projects proposals and realization to local authorities, our contribution to the Communities’ welfare is becoming more and more important and significant in all areas of human life.


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